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If you could choose one song from a game to be your town theme, what would it be?

(This includes remixes)

  1. thefoxears answered: Tales Of Vesperia / Patty´s Hi Ougi - Summon Friends
  2. checkeredursa answered: The athletic BGM for super mario world…
  3. kazemizuho answered:…
  4. redthebear answered: Memories of the School - P3. Depression town
  5. zwlda answered: A poem for everyones souls.
  6. kingoftwilightrealm answered: one of the town themes from a final fantasy market theme
  7. yaoikitten answered: "BABY BABY BABY OOOOOOH" from P3 so I’ll always be in a good mood while walking around town. Because that song is hilarious.
  8. vocalmen360 answered: Pallet town :3
  9. raine55 answered: Who’s There from Persona 4 for sure. Because yes.
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